left field nyc | coal miner 15oz black anthracite n1 deck cord chino

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using a collect mills 15oz reproduction of the bedford cord fabric used on n1 deck jackets in wwII, these chinos are an indisputable staple that will slot into any getup across the four seasons.

cut from left field’s coal miner fit - a classic relaxed tapered silhouette - not too wide and not too slim.

  • color: anthracite
  • 15oz reproduction wwII chino deck cord fabric made in japan by collect mills
  • 100% cotton
  • true to fit
  • reproduction vintage metal work wear buttons
  • heavy indigo ticking stripe pocketing
  • made in usa

thomas is 180cm tall, weighs 72kg and wears size 33 (relaxed) and 32 (tight)

write us (info@stuf-f.com) if you have questions about fit | sizing | caring