stephan, thomas und freunde | feines or just stuf|f [ˈstaf].


craftmanship & style

stuf|f is a concept store dedicated to fine "soul made“ menswear and lifestyle goods that are well-crafted, have timeless design and can be styled in a contemporary, modern way.

quality & friends

stuf|f stands for ‘stephan, thomas und freunde | feines’ (stephan, thomas and friends | fine goods) and is basically far more than a store. it’s more like an egoistic lifestyle concept. it is, or could be, about everything that we love and where we have the feeling that it doesn’t exist or at least not in that way we wish. we only have two criteria that take precedence:: 1. quality without compromise and 2. friendship.

working with friends and supporting our friends and partners is very important to us. there was a quote in the tv series how to make it in america that puts it in a nutshell ”money, right yeah it matters, but it’s one piece of the puzzle. let me tell you something. sometimes who you are doing business with is a lot more important than the business that you are doing.”

global local brands

we offer a hand-picked selection of brands from all over the world with a core emphasis on local production. all brands have convinced us with their passion, their attention for detail, their philosophy and their very own stories we love to retell.

buy less, but better

we want to convince more people to buy trendless, locally crafted, good quality products. according to the motto “buy less but better”. (to be honest stephan and i do quite well in buying better but for buying less we love brands and stories too much. ;-) )

we want to connect with you and share your story as well.

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