stuf|f [ˈstaf]

stephan, thomas und freunde | feines

stuf|f is more than "just" a store.

stuf|f is rather like an egoistic lifestyle concept. it is, or could be, about everything that we love and where we have the feeling that it doesn’t exist or at least not in that way we wish. we only have two criteria that take precedence:

1. quality without compromise and 2. working with friends.

”money, right yeah it matters, but it's one piece of the puzzle.let me tell you something. sometimes who you are doing business with is a lot more important than the business that you are doing.”

- kappo, “how to make it in america”

we love denim

there's no garment that is more classic, iconic and versatile to wear than a pair of jeans. our fathers wore them, our children still wear them. they actually always fit, and for every occasion, whether casual or formal, whether sporty or chic.

but the best part of raw denim jeans is that they age so beautifully and gracefully. a dark, unwashed jeans looks unbelievably noble but when it‘s been worn in, when the stiff fabric has become soft and the color has faded in the right areas, then it reflects the very own character of her wearer and is even more beautiful.

stuf|f düsseldorf

stuf|f - fine goods
birkenstrasse 40
40233 düsseldorf

p: +49 (0)172 26 111 87

mo-fr 10.00 – 18.00
sa 11.00 – 16.00
or by appointment: +49 (0)172 26 111 87

stuf|f hamburg

stuf|f - last of the true
kaiser-wilhelm-strasse 47
20355 hamburg

p: +49 (0)151 400 72 800

di-fr 11.00 – 18.00
sa 11.00 – 16.00
mo by appointment: +49 (0)151 400 72 800